Park City

Our Christmas vacation in Park City, Utah was fantastic. We spent a couple days snowboarding and there was 18″ of snow dropped during a huge winter storm on Christmas Day. It was challenging to snowboard in, but we managed to get in a couple runs without too much trouble. The following day had some fantastic powder though 🙂

We also visited the Utah Olympic Park. This is where the ski jumping, luge, skeleton, and bobsled events were held during the Salt Lake City Olympic games in 2002.

We were fortunate enough to be there on a day where they were allowing members of the public to ride bobsleds. Our ride was fantastically exciting. We pulled upwards of 5 G’s and attained speeds greater than 80 miles an hour bobsledding down the hand-maintained ice track. The Utah Olympic Park is the only place in the world that lets members of the public ride bobsleds down an ice track. Our driver was a two time Olympic bobsled team coach Pat Brown.

You can check out some photos I snapped with my iPhone before the ride here.